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Maple Grove received a 2018 Certificate of Excellence Hogsback Accommodation Award.
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About Maple Grove

In 1997 we purchased the vacant land, on which we built Maple Grove.

The only structure on the property when we purchased it was a stable which stood where the existing cottage is now.

In early 1998, building operations commenced over weekends on the main timber home and the stable was used as a storeroom and sleeping quarters for the duration of this exercise.

At times building construction was endured during snowfalls and in sub-zero temperatures.

The name Maple Grove was decided upon after numerous family discussions, and as the many varieties of Maple Trees on the property had already been planted by the previous owner.

The main homestead took about 5 years to complete whereupon the stable was demolished and The Cottage was built out of wattle and daub.

Both of these were rented out for holiday accommodation until we retired to Hogsback from East London in 2008, where Peter had been in the construction and renovations industry and I worked for many years in the medical field as a bookkeeper.

We decided to close in underneath our log home so that we could accommodate family and friends, eventually adding on an extra lounge and kitchen as well as the wooden deck as our bookings grew. This became known as The Cabin.

In 2010 our son Clayton returned from UK (after 8 gap years) to help Peter build The Chalet, which had been used as an open store-room/carport. This took about 7 months to complete.

The established Kiwi Fruit Orchard formed part of the property and although not very big, it bears enough fruit annually for me to make jam which is sold in Hogsback and to our guests.

After Peter had completed the construction of The Chalet, he decided to try his hand at art, and this has become a keen hobby of his. Some of his art is on display at Gallery Square and he also has some watercolours on sale at Maple Grove.

We have 2 children, a daughter Brigitte who is married to James and lives in KZN. Our first grandchild, Bradley was born in October 2013. Clayton our son lives in East London with his wife Amy, and their baby daughter, Mackenzie, born in June 2014.

Maple Grove is our passion, and we have been privileged to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world, including local South Africans who have enriched our lives in so many ways.

Maple Grove Cottage - Lounge
Autumn at Maple Grove

Maple Grove Cottage - Lounge
 Lyndsay and Pete at home

James and Brigitte
 with Bradley

Amy and Clayton with Mackenzie

Maple Grove Family Home
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