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Maple Grove received a 2018 Certificate of Excellence Hogsback Accommodation Award.
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Activities at Hogsback

Outdoor enthusiasts will find a vast array of challenging activities, including Nature walks, Hiking, Photography, Mountain Biking, 4x4 Trails and Bass Fishing.

On request, Peter and Lyndsay will gladly arrange for you to partake in one of the following activities:

Other places of interest:
  • Waterfalls – Madonna and Child, Swallotail, Kettle Spout, 39 Steps, Robertson Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Tyumie Falls
  • Big Tree
  • Eco-shrine
  • Private Show Gardens
  • The Labyrinth
  • Tor Doon
  • St-Patricks-on-the-Hill Chapel
  • Mirrors Photographic Gallery
  • Starways and Mafika Pottery
  • The Fairy Realm
  • The Candle Factory
  • Moonshine Art Studio
  • Fort Hare Art Gallery (35kms)
  • Double Drift Game Reserve (50km)
Madonna and Child Waterfall


A choice of 3 hotels, various Bistro’s, coffee shops, restaurants and pubs.
Gaika's Kop

For more info regarding Hogsback, see www.hogsback.co.za