Covid 19 Compliance

This has been a very strange year at Maple Grove with the onset of the Covid pandemic. It has, however, given us the chance to upgrade and renovate our cottages and make sure we are fully Covid compliant. This has resulted in us becoming the stay of choice during level 4 and 3 for business visitors. We are open to everyone now, provided that you complete a Covid compliance form.

Please be assured that the safety of our guests is of utmost importance. We will ensure social distance practices and adhere to strict sanitizing procedures. Masks are not a requisite at Maple Grove, providing that you practice social distancing when interacting with other guests or management and staff. Masks are required when visiting the Savemore Spar, bottle store and other public places.

In order to make sure that we all stay safe…

  • Full payment must be made prior to arrival to ensure contactless check in and check out.
  • All Luggage to be handled by guest.
  • Our staff are trained in Covid19 sanitizing and hygiene practices.
  • Cottages are sanitized prior to arrival and after departure – no servicing during your stay!
  • Masks are not a requisite at Maple Grove, providing that you practice social distancing, however, you are obliged to wear a mask when you leave the Maple Grove grounds.
  • No same day bookings are accepted in order for us to sanitize and fog each unit after guest’s departure and prior to new guests arrival.

For more information about Covid-19 regulations, See

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